If you are a Riverside County mandated reporter and you suspect child abuse or neglect, YOU MUST ADHERE TO THE FOLLOWING PROCEDURES:

1. Immediately call the Riverside County Hotline:  1-800-442-4918

2.  Within 36 hours, complete and file a Suspected Child Abuse Report (SCAR), form #8572. 

*Click here to download a printable form  

3. Remember, you are responsible for making this report. Reporting to an employer, supervisor, coworker, school principal, school counselor, or other person is NOT adequate.  

4. Do not attempt to conduct an investigation. 

5. Remember, you are required to report SUSPECTED abuse. Proof of abuse is not required; that will be determined through the investigation by the child welfare professionals.  

Who should report: Click here to download printable list of mandated reporters

For additional information on Mandated Reporting or to receive mandated reporting training please complete the Mandated Reporter Training Request form. You may also Adrienne Rubio at 951-686-3750

Click here to complete a Mandated Reporter Training Request Form