Board of Directors

HOPE Board Of Directors 2.JPG

The HOPE Collaborative Board of Directors is composed of dedicated professionals, parents and community members whose shared vision is to work towards a safe and secure environment for all children in Riverside County. 

Board members include professional representatives from key agencies both public and private working to keep children safe in Riverside County and key community advocates and volunteers from throughout all regions of Riverside County.

The HOPE Board meetings and the regional collaborative meetings will provide opportunities for all those involved in child abuse prevention, treatment, investigation, prosecution and other related activities to be able to collaborate, share information about how systems are functioning and provide opportunities for recommendations on systems changes that will improve the protection of children in our county.

HOPE Board Members

Dr. Carla Lidner, President 

Robert Masson, Vice President 

Lacy Lenon-Arthur, Treasurer

Lorie Lacey-Payne, Secretary

Jennifer Kopfler     

Alejandrina (AJ) Oceguera        

Natalie Rivera   

Lyndon Wood

Marcus Walls

Roberta “Bobbie” Neff                        

Stephen Morales                         

Ken Kidby            

Mabel Ribas                       

Dr. Susan Fleming   

Cami Wilson