Our staff are dedicated to the work of keeping children safe in Riverside County

A strength based approach is utilized to provide the best possible facilitation and support to the HOPE Collaborative Board and our County Regional Councils.  The HOPE Collaborative Staff work towards carrying out the goals and vision of our Board and members.

Key Services Provided Include: 

Mandated Reporter Training, Professional Education and Training Opportunities
Facilitation of Interagency Collaboration, Public Awareness and Education,
Linkages to treatment and prevention services, and Evidence based child abuse treatment and parent education services.

Veronica Dover, M.S, LMFT

Administrative Oversight


Main HOPE duties: 

  • Oversight of project
  • Facilitation of HOPE/CAPC Board of Directors
  • Key liaison with County Board of Supervisors 

Dariana Ortiz, M.S., MFTI

Program Manager


Main HOPE Duties

  • Project Manager 
  • Key liaison with DPSS
  • Oversees production of annual report and contract outcomes 

Shannon Gonzalez, M.P.A.
 Programs Administrator


Main HOPE Duties: 

  • Lead for Outreach & Public Education and Awareness

Operations Specialist


Main HOPE Duties

  • Lead for Website Development and Social Media
  • Outreach & Public Education Awareness Coordinator 
  • Coordinates key projects, major events, and awareness campaigns
  • Coordinates fundraising and in-kind efforts
  • Oversees recruitment and management of volunteers

Laura Dominguez, M.A.

Clinician I

Main HOPE Duties

  • Lead Mandated Reporter Trainer 
  • Direct provision of Child Abuse Prevention & Treatment Services
  • Provision of Evidence Based Parenting and Treatment Services
  • Attendance at Team Decision Making Meetings
  • Lead Six Protective Factors Trainer

Jessica Marquez, B.A.                                         Program Specialist              


Main HOPE Duties:

  • Facilitates regional collaborative council meetings for districts 3, 3B, 4, and 4B.
  • Administrative tasks for all seven collaborative councils.
  • Monthly Reporting on Collaborative updates. 
  • Provision of support to collaborative officers and members

Main HOPE Duties:

  • Events Planner for HOPE and all collaborative council events. 
  • Attends outreach events county-wide
  • Coordinates HOPE facilitated outreach events
  • Facilitates regional collaborative council meetings for districts 1, 2, 5, and 4B.

Mendy Wilson, B.A.                                         Program Specialist      


 Main HOPE Duties:

  • Client intakes for CHAT program
  • Assists with everyday operations within the office.

 Irma Garcia

Office Assistant II