Since 2013, the HOPE Collaborative has been the appointed Child Abuse Prevention Council (CAPC) for Riverside County.  


Our Mission

The mission of the HOPE Collaborative is to promote the safety of children and prevent abuse and neglect in Riverside County. 

The HOPE Collaborative accomplishes this mission through the coordination and facilitation of interagency collaboration; efforts to raise community awareness; education and training of professionals, parents and the community; services to child abuse victims and families impacted by abuse and neglect; and advocacy efforts influencing public policy. 

Riverside County HOPE Collaborative members contribute to the shared vision of a safe and secure environment for all children in Riverside County.

HOPE Collaborative is under non-profit, Family Service Association. HOPE Collaborative is guided by a Board of Directors involving representatives from law enforcement offices, educational institutions, medical services, mental health professionals, faith-based groups, regional child abuse collaborative volunteers and the Department of Public and Social Services. Our diverse Board of Directors allows us to develop interagency coordination and communication in order to improve the preventative services in our County.