HOPE Merchandise

You asked for it, so you got it! HOPE Merchandise is now available in limited editions through the website Teespring! Below you will see our current Campaign as well as previous ones. 
See something you like but it isn't available currently? Contact Amy Otondo at aotondo@fsaca.org for more information!

Teespring logo October Don't look the other way (1).png

don't Look the Other Way (October Campaign) 

Don't Look the Other Way, when a child needs you to see and report. This Month we are running an awareness campaign focused on how to Report Child Abuse. If you suspect or see child abuse call the National Child Abuse Hotline at 1-800-4-a-child (1-800-422-4453)

Purchase of either the Tote or Mug benefits the HOPE Collaborative's mission of promoting the safety of children and to prevent child abuse in Riverside County. 

So pick up your difference making merchandise today at www.teespring.com/don-t-look-the-other-way

you are turtley awesome_final.png

You are turtley awesome (September)

Are you or someone you know Turtley awesome? Do turtles make you feel awesome? Have you been wanting to get a new tote, mug or hoodie but also wanted to contribute to a non-profit? 

Well you're in the right place! The HOPE Collaborative is running a Back To school Turtley Awesome campaign for the month of September! So don't delay and pick up an item or 2 today! 

All proceeds from this campaign benefit the HOPE Collaborative's mission of preventing child abuse and neglect in Riverside County. 

Pick up your Turtley Awesome HOPE gear at www.teespring.com/youareturtleyawesome